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domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2012

Estilo: Heavy Power Metal

Crimson Glory- Transcendence-1988

1.Lady of Winter 03:59
2.Red Sharks 04:48
3.Painted Skies 05:14
4.Masque of the Red Death
5.In Dark Places 06:59
6.Where Dragons Rule 05:04
7.Lonely 05:17
8.Burning Bridges 06:30
9.Eternal World 03:51
10.Transcendence 04:30

Estilo: Power Heavy Metal

Crimson Glory-Crimson Glory-1986

1.Valhalla 03:50  
2.Dragon Lady 04:27  
3.Heart of Steel  06:13
4.Azrael 05:37
5.Mayday 03:02
6.Queen of the Masquerade  05:27
7 Angels of War 05:28  
8.Lost Reflection 04:47

sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

Estilo: Power Speed Metal

Primal Fear- Primal Fear-1998

1.-Primal Fear 00:34  
2.-Chainbreaker 04:25
3- Silver and Gold 03:11
4.-Promised Land 04:23
5.-Formula One 04:56
6-.Dollars 03:57  
7.-Nine Lives 03:06  
8.-Tears of Rage 06:47  
9.-Speed King (Deep Purple cover)  03:59
10- Battalions of Hate 03:49
11.-Running in the dust 04:37
12.- Thunderdome  03:35


sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Estilo: Heavy Metal

 Sanctuary- Refuge Denied-1988

1."Battle Angels"
2."Termination Force"  
3."Die for My Sins"  
4."Soldiers of Steel"
6."White Rabbit" 
7."Ascension to Destiny"
8."The Third War" 
9."Veil of Disguise"

Estilo: Thrash Heavy Metal

Metal Church-Metal Church-1984

1."Beyond the Black"  
2."Metal Church"  
3."Merciless Onslaught"  
4."Gods of Wrath"  ells 6:41
6."In the Blood"  
7."(My Favorite) Nightmare"
9."Highway Star"  


Estilo: Thrash Metal

Dorsal Atlantica- Searching for the Light-1990

1.Hierarchic Democracy
2.Fighting in Gangs
3.Misery Spreads  
4.Not to Leave the Power
5.Only One of Them 
6.Gathered Prisoners
7.Childish Boots and Steps
8.The Ones Left Scream
9.History Starts

Estilo: Heavy Metal

Warlock- Triumph and Agony-1987

1-"All We Are" 
2-"Three Minute Warning" 
3-"I Rule the Ruins"
4-"Kiss of Death" 
5-"Make Time for Love"
6-"East Meets West" 
7-"Touch of Evil"
8-"Metal Tango"
9-"Cold, Cold World" 
10-"Für Immer"